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21 December 2020 @ 04:00 am
Hello and welcome to INKT's livejournal community.

Please read carefully the Introduction and Rules post.

Please also note, INKTASIA-FAN is a locked Livejournal community. In order to see the future posts, you must join the community.

Should any question or assistance required please contact me through a PM.
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08 January 2015 @ 03:20 am
Hello everyone!

First of all happy new year!. I hope you had a good start and my best wishes for this 2015.

I have to thank everybody for your support. The community born because INKT needed a special corner and there is it! Everybody is welcome to flail about your favourite member, share graphics or simply if you don't know them, know them lol

I'm not good with words but I made this from the bottom of my heart. Since Koki left a group, I read many bad things about him and it makes me feel really sad. I know INKT will arise as good as they're doing. So please keep supporting INKT!

Keep one eye on the upcoming entries~
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21 December 2014 @ 05:34 am
Welcome everybody to INKTASIA-FAN sharing community. This page is dedicated exclusively to INKT band and members.
Please note that INKTASIA-FAN is a locked Livejournal community and only members can see/share contents in the page.


  • NO bashing or bad mouthing about INKT, its members or any other artist/band in the community,

  • NO bashing or bad mouthing about any community member.

  • All posts must relate to INKT band or members (If they talk about relatives, friends or pets is allowed too).

  • All posts must be "Friend only" locked.

  • Do NOT repost material from INKTASIA-FAN without permission.

  • In order to keep the material safe about INKT band, entries outside the community ARE NOT ALLOWED.

  • Make sure to use the right tag when posting (tags to be organized). Tag list

  • Do Not change the font size or colors.

  • Remember to include credits as needed when sharing.

  • You can post any type of media such as magazine scans, photos, videos, translations, graphics, fanarts, fanfics, etc.

  • You must specify the content of your post with "[...]" in the subject. (eg: [Download], [News], [Translation], etc., in order to keep them organized.

  • Sale posts are not allowed for the moment.

  • News about concerts or media are allowed, but rumours must be checked before.

  • When posting pics, only 3 pics are allowed for preview. If the entry surpass that number you must use Lj cut.

  • If your journal is empty or you are not active please refrain from join.

If you don't agree or respect any of the rules that will case a warning or subsequently, an immediate ban from the community.

Let's spread and enjoy the community!

last edition: 01-20-2015